What to Do If Unable to Keep Working Due to Your Health

Unable to Work

If you find yourself out of a job and unable to keep working due to your health, you may want to consider applying for Social Security disability. Losing your job can have devastating effects on finances, but there are resources available if you qualify. The Social Security Administration (”SSA”) oversees two disability programs that may help during this time of need, but the process can take time.

Where to Start

It is recommended to start by calling an experienced social security disability attorney. This ensures that your case will be filed promptly and accurately. The Social Security administration has resources to review online (https://www.ssa.gov/disability/disability.html), but it is worth your while to ask questions to someone experienced with the process. It can be very time consuming researching the legal answers to your questions and often times may not answer a specific question about your personal case.

Apply Now

Time is of the essence. Waiting to apply for social security disability may deny you benefits that you may have been entitled to. The application process takes time and any claims are not resolved for months to years.

How Does SSA Make a Decision

The Social Security Administration relies, in large part, on your medical records and what your doctors are saying about your diagnosis. It is important to continue to seek treatment for everything you find disabling so your ability to perform work can be evaluated. Additionally, you will be asked to provide answers to a function report and work history report. SSA is trying to see how your diagnosis affect your ability to work.

What Do I Do While I Wait?

While you wait for SSA to make a decision on your claim make sure that you keep treating with your doctors and updating SSA if there is anything new. SSA uses your medical records to verify the effect your disability is having on your ability to work.

Call an experienced social security disability today at (651) 789-5052 if you believe you are unable to work due to your physical or mental disabilities. Delaying an application for disability benefits can affect the benefits you might otherwise have been entitled to. Having someone in your corner can give you peace of mind that your case is receiving the attention it deserves.