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Why Choose Us For Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy?

Getting Started with Bankruptcy

Why Choose Us For Social Security Disability?

Getting Started with Social Security

Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney

Hoglund Law represents clients in the area of US Bankruptcy in order to assist them in obtaining sustainable debt relief and financial rehabilitation. We practice bankruptcy law in the state of Minnesota and aid our clients in seeking protection for their assets under the federal bankruptcy code. Understanding the basics of bankruptcy and the process involved can assist our clients in appreciating the benefits of utilizing this debt relief option.

Hoglund Law Bankruptcy Attorneys

The Basics of Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy immediately halts the collection activity of creditors who are attempting to collect a debt from you. It offers immediate protection for those who are facing extreme debt circumstances such as foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, and more. At Hoglund Law, we can guide you through the process of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to attain a successful resolution. We offer debt reform assistance, debtor education, and sound legal advisement so that you fully understand the options available to you. Some of the advantages inherent in filing for bankruptcy include:

  • Protection of utility service shut offs
  • Ending wage garnishment and creditor harassment
  • Providing a renewed start as debt is legally discharged
  • Halting the foreclosure process to allow payments to become current
  • (Mortgages and liens are not instantly eliminated)

Some of the debts bankruptcy cannot eliminate include:

  • Alimony, child support, taxes, student loans, criminal debts, and other related debt
  • Secured loans such as mortgages or other liens from secured debt
  • Post bankruptcy debt

For bankruptcy assistance in Minnesota, Hoglund Law can help. Contact us for immediate assistance for all of your bankruptcy concerns.

Social Security Disability Attorney

Hoglund Law can assist you with obtaining a favorable ruling in your social security case. We assist clients in the area of social security throughout MN, WI, OH, IL, MI, KY and MO. In the event of retirement, disability, and even death, social security can provide your family with needed benefits for sustaining their standard of living. Social security benefits are not restricted by age as disability benefits are awarded to those who can no longer fulfill their employment duties because of a disability. For those receiving social security for retirement, benefits are typically paid out at the age of 66 with partial benefits available at 62 for qualifying individuals. Survivor benefits are awarded to the family of the deceased individual. Spousal benefits for the deceased may begin at 65 with partial benefits beginning at the age of 60.

Hoglund Law Social Security Disability Attorneys

If you need assistance with social security benefits in the states of MN, WI, OH, IL, MI, KY and MO, contact Hoglund law today for a free confidential consultation.

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Everybody at Hoglund made a hard situation so much easier! From the moment I called, to meeting with an attorney to figure out my options,
all the way to my discharge hearing this morning, Hoglund has been with me every step of the way. They kept in constant communication,
kept me informed of all the steps, and answered my questions. I can’t say enough about how excellent my experience was with Hoglund.
I highly recommend them if you need an attorney.

– Miss T.

I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Hoglund Law Office. They are
always willing to help with any information or questions you have. The offices of
Hoglund Law are very patient and courteous also. I would recommend them to anyone
needing some assistance or relief from financial difficulties.

– Samantha P.

“Lawyers we’re fantastic, I got the money that I deserved. They were very professional, the paralegals were always helpful
in answering any questions that I had. I definitely recommend them to any future clients!”

– Kelly Jo

“I have been so impressed by this law firm from day one. I am so grateful for the help and support that I received.
Hoglund Law has gone above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them. If I could summarize in one word: kindness.
They are going to do everything they can to answer your questions and make sure you are prepared and informed and complete the paperwork
thoroughly. Hoglund Law has shown me that lawyers can be great counselors. I felt supported by them at every turn. I believe they
challenge the lawyer stigma: the lawyers at Hoglund are great people.”

– Matthew Hardy

“Hoglund Law firm was very helpful and friendly staff at all times. In addition, to there professionalism Hoglund worked hard,
answered all of my questions at anytime and stayed on top of things in regards to my case. It was a pleasure working with Hoglund law
firm and it’s there pleasure to work for you.”

– Michelle Barnes Davenport

Our Testimonials

“They helped make a very difficult and overwhelming process easy.
Staff is busy, but I have always been able to get someone on the phone the same day and many times right away.
They were proactive in reaching out to me as needed and always were patient in answering my questions and concerns.
I would highly recommend them to anyone if you are looking for an attorney’s office who genuinely cares about their clients.”

– Gonzalo Curiel

“Love Hoglund law office. They took very good care of me. Always had time for my phone calls. If I had to leave a
message they always got back with me in a timely manner. Awesome attorneys to work with. Highly recommend them!!!”

– Brenda Mills

“Hoglund Law office was most helpful guiding me through the disability application and appeal process,
they were there to answer questions and explain how the process works. An attorney was present at the video conference
to advocate for my case and again answer questions and explain the possible outcomes. I believe they were a big part of the successful outcome.”

– DL Burgess

Lawyers.com Reviews

“After going through a divorce after a 23 year marriage, I sought assistance from the Hoglund Law office for my bankruptcy.
Robert and his team were professional, prompt and assisted me with everything needed to regain hope.”

– Past Client

“Andrew did a wonderful job with my daughter case. Very professional and explained everything in detail.
This was second time for her Jennifer was our first attorney she was less professional and not very prepared or we would have won back then.”

– Past Client

“Great service , very helpful customer service people & very responsive legal staff .
They got all my medical files completely ready prior to hearing. Attorney Scott was very kind, knowledgeable & professional”

– Past Client