How to Apply for Social Security Disability

You must prove your medical problems keep you from working to get Social Security Disability and SSI benefits.

How do you prove you are disabled?

Social Security approves people for Social Security benefits for physical and mental illnesses. Physical illnesses include chronic pain from degenerative disk disease of the back, osteoarthritis of a joint, and diabetic neuropathy. These kinds of physical problems, when severe enough, keep you from getting around and doing the kinds of things you need to do at a job. Mental illnesses include depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia. These kinds of mental problems, when severe enough, keep you from focusing on the kinds of things you need to do at a job. You can prove you are disabled when your medical treatment shows Social Security that you are unable to work.

How will Social Security decide if I can get Social Security Disability benefits for my physical or mental illnesses?

Social Security reviews your medical treatment records to decide what medical problems you have. Then, Social Security looks at your medical examinations and tests to decide how your medical problems limit you day-to-day. The more limited you are, the more likely you will be approved for benefits. Unfortunately, Social Security does not always apply its laws fairly. Across the country, many people are denied that should be approved. That is how experienced Social Security lawyers can make a difference in your life.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability

Do my medical problems qualify for Social Security Disability?

This depends on how much your medical problems limit your ability to function. For example, you may be unable to walk without a cane or you may be unable to leave your house alone. Your medical records will describe how bad your medical problems are. Social Security will review when your medical problems began, and what your medical tests and examinations show. Our Social Security lawyers at Hoglund Law Offices can review your symptoms and your medical records to estimate your chances of qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits. One thing is for certain: Good medical treatment is necessary to improve your chances of getting Social Security benefits. Good Social Security lawyers also improve your chances of getting Social Security benefits. Hoglund Law Offices can start helping you today.

When should I apply for Social Security benefits?

You should apply for Social Security benefits:

    • After your doctors have diagnosed and treated you for your medical problems,
    • You still cannot work, and
    • You expect your medical problems will keep you from working for at least a year.

Sometimes, doctors do not know how long it will take for you to recover. You should apply for Social Security benefits once you know you will be unable to work for at least 6 months or more. This way, you apply for Social Security benefits soon enough. Applications can take 6 months or more for Social Security to process. By then, a year will have gone by since you last were able to work.

How can I survive waiting for Social Security to decide about my Social Security Disability benefits?

This is a valid question. Social Security can be slow in making decisions—especially at the early stages. You are ill and do not feel well. Money can be very tight. What is important is that you do not give up. If the Social Security lawyers at Hoglund Law Offices have determined you have a good chance of getting Social Security Disability or SSI benefits, we will fight for you. We will appeal unfair denials.  We will answer questions you have about your case. We will go to your hearing with you. We will cross-examine government experts at your hearing who may testify against you. We will argue to your Social Security judge that you are disabled and should get your Social Security benefits.

At Hoglund Law Offices, our experienced legal team helps hundreds of clients apply every month for Social Security benefits. We apply online for our clients, making sure that Social Security has the information it needs when it needs it. This information includes where you live, where you have worked, where you have been treated for your medical problems, and what you struggle to do every day. We also track decisions and contact Social Security to ensure there are no issues in processing your claim.

Call us today for a free initial evaluation. You can call before you apply, after you are denied, and any time up to your Social Security hearing. When you call, we will confidentially listen to your medical problems and let you know if we can stand with you and fight for your Social Security benefits. Call the professionals at Hoglund Law Offices. Get the legal help you need to get the Social Security benefits you deserve.