What is Debt Settlement

Debt settlement, or debt negotiation, is another way for you to find financial relief once your ability to pay off your debt passes the point of feasibility. Whether you do not qualify for bankruptcy or simply wish to avoid it, debt settlement can serve as a solution to your financial woes.

But what does it entail? Debt settlement involves negotiating with creditors directly to pay a reduced amount of debt owed. Once a negotiation is reached, and the reduced payment is paid, there will be no further collections made, and you will be freed from much of the debt that overwhelmed you. It is a surprisingly great solution should you wisely consult an attorney and not qualify for bankruptcy.

Most creditors are willing to negotiate with clients like you, as they fear the repercussions of allowing a debtor to struggle to the point of bankruptcy. Their fears are valid: if you declare bankruptcy, the creditor collects much less—if they collect anything at all. It is often best for them to avoid that situation altogether. They don’t want to gamble; they want a sure thing. Luckily for us, the sure thing is reached by negotiation.

But going it alone is often not the best decision for clients who, like you, are considering debt settlement. For one, a creditor does not have to make negotiations, and an experienced attorney is more likely to convince them to settle. For another, an attorney can help ensure that you are on the best road to your financial future, which is why we encourage all who are considering debt settlement to come in for a free consultation and get armed with the knowledge they need and find the future right for them.

How Can A Lawyer Negotiate Debt

Lawyer Debt SettlementClients represented by attorneys are often far more successful in both luring creditors to the negotiating table and securing the best deals to alleviate debt. It’s easy to see why. The mere presence of an attorney signals to creditors that you are taking your debt seriously, which means they also need to take you seriously. Not to mention that attorneys experienced in debt settlement are equipped to more easily navigate negotiations as they have successfully done so in the past time and time again. A good attorney will be able to tell you if you are receiving a good deal and can likewise help you in achieving the best if an offer falls short.

Our attorneys, who are well known for their skill with the bankruptcy code, not only know how to fight for the best offer from creditors but also serve as a reminder to creditors that you may be forced to file bankruptcy should negotiations fall through. This is an invaluable asset as the odds of a creditor settling rise significantly when the shadow of bankruptcy falls on a creditor’s door. And, because we only charge for our service if we settle a debt, trying this route comes with little concern. You can breathe easy knowing that some of the best attorneys are handling your case and that our success is contingent on yours.

The very first step in settling your debt, however, is meeting with an attorney to discuss your options. While there are many benefits to debt settlement, there may be an even better avenue to the financial fresh start you desire. To determine what is right for you, we offer a free consultation with an experienced attorney. After that consultation, you will be prepared with legal advice that best suits your needs.

How Does the negotiation Affect Credit

Debt Settlement may impact your credit score less harshly than bankruptcy and demonstrates to your creditors that you attempted to pay a portion of your debt. It is a more desirable impact to our clients’ financial lives than continuing to let the debt gather and influence them negatively.

Credit Card Debt Settlement

It is also possible to recover from.

Many fear the dip that their credit score may take when really—so long as they handle their finances correctly—the consequence on their credit report may not be as severe. You could—and likely will—end up with a credit score better than what you had originally because now you will be living a life unburdened by overwhelming debt.

In fact, our clients are better equipped to face what comes after debt settlement than others. Why? Because at Hoglund Law, we don’t stop at settling your case. We work to help alleviate financial burden by assisting you after the debt settlement is made.

By offering you credit repair and assuring that you have every possible tool available to flourish in a financially free environment, we strive to propel you into the fresh start you sought. This is because we believe that debt settlement should give you the chance to launch a new life and that you cannot be expected to avoid the same pitfalls without guidance from someone you can trust.

The best first move, however, is determining whether debt settlement is right for you. During a free consultation at our offices, a qualified attorney will be able to answer questions such as how debt settlement will impact your credit, and whether there is an even better option at your disposal. Our vast experience and astounding assistance are why over 30,000 clients have trusted us in their time of need and why you can rest assured doing the same.

How We Can Help with Debt Neotiations

Debt Settlement is just one of many financial recovery tools at your disposal, and it is one that our firm has successfully handled time and time again. Our attorneys, who boast over 70 years of combined experience, know the ins and outs of negotiation and are prepared to assist you throughout the process of debt settlement.

But our commitment to you does not end after a negotiation is reached. We will not only assist you during the process of negotiation, but also through the process of credit ascension. This is because we want to leave you in a better place than you started by giving you the tools to never fall back into the hands of debt.

Debt SettlementYour first step toward freedom from your debt is consulting with a qualified attorney to make sure that this is the best financial decision for you. At Hoglund Law, we offer a free 30-45 minute consultation, during which we will review the debts you owe, the assets you possess, and your financial preferences to come up with the best solution forward for you. With that information in hand, you will be assured that the step you take next will be the step best suited to you.

After arming you with the best legal advice for your situation, we can call your creditors and begin negotiations to lower your financial burden. We do not ask for payment in advance, and our fee is contingent on your success. Once a negotiation is reached, we will further provide you with resources to raise your credit score and find a place of financial security, leaving you feeling good about your financial situation once and for all.

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