National Slam the Scam Day

2024’s National “Slam the Scam” Day is Thursday, March 7. This yearly event was created by the Social Security Administration in 2020 to raise awareness for false government scams. It [...]

What to Do If Unable to Keep Working Due to Your Health

If you find yourself out of a job and unable to keep working due to your health, you may want to consider applying for Social Security disability. Losing your job [...]

Applying for Disability Due to Primary Headache Disorder

Headaches and Social Security Disability People often wonder if they can receive Social Security Disability benefits solely for having headaches without any underlying medical condition being the cause of them. [...]

What Not to Say at Your Social Security Hearing

Clients often ask me “is there anything I shouldn’t say at my hearing?” As an attorney this always makes me nervous as we are obligated to be forthright and honest [...]

Where’s My Back Pay?

“It’s been a while since my approval, where’s my back pay?” This is a question we hear on a daily basis from our clients. Back pay is the back benefits [...]

2022 Cost of Living Adjustments Social Security

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSISSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. Social Security administers this program. We pay monthly benefits to people with limited income and resources who are disabled, [...]

Medical Opinions in Social Security Disability Claims

Medical Opinions in Social Security Disability Claims— “The Game of Experts” Summary Statistics bear out that Social Security Administrative Law Judges continue to err by relying on opinions of backroom [...]