Hoglund Law Bankruptcy Attorney Kris Whelchel


Bankruptcy Attorney

Kris (Whelchel) Osowski

Kris (Whelchel) Osowski is an attorney practicing in Minnesota. Her focus is on bankruptcy. She handles both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases. She has been practicing in bankruptcy since 2004. Throughout her career, she has filed over a thousand cases ranging from simple to complex in nature. She also handles the litigation associated with these cases. She enjoys helping people find stability in their finances after experiencing difficulties.

Mrs. Osowski attended the University of Missouri-St Louis and received a B.A in Philosophy and a B.A. in English. She graduated summa cum laude. After receiving her B.A. and realizing that there were no job openings for philosophers, Kris decided to pursue a career in law. She attended the University of Minnesota Law School where she received her juris doctorate.

Before attending law school, she worked as a paralegal in bankruptcy. While in law school she participated in a clinic which helped low-income individuals in need file bankruptcy. After law school, she joined Hoglund & Mrozik P.L.L.C. She now heads the firm’s Chapter 13 Department in Minnesota.

Kris decided to pursue a career in bankruptcy because it was an area of law that she felt she could practice in and feel good about the work she did. She understands that circumstances often lead people to financial distress and that financial distress can be a great weight upon a person’s shoulders. She understands this weight can be overwhelming and impact every area of a person’s life. She is happy that she can reduce that burden.

When not working she loves spending time with her family. She enjoys reading books from all genres. She also enjoys painting. In addition, she dabbles in sculpture, but it generally goes poorly. She also enjoys spending time outside as long as she has copious amounts of sunscreen available.