Rebecca Adams

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Criminal Defense

Rebecca Adams

Rebecca Adams joined Hoglund Law in 2015. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and received her law degree from Hamline University’s law school, where she graduated in the top 20% of her class.

In addition to work experience as a private investigator, and working as a reserve deputy, Rebecca began her legal career as a Dakota County prosecutor. Her experience in law enforcement and in prosecution has been advantageous for Rebecca, who has been a practicing criminal defense attorney over the last 25 years. Clients can expect an enthusiastic and experienced representation with Rebecca, who is thrilled to offer her expertise to give people a fresh start.

Since first starting at the firm as an attorney focusing on debt settlements, she has more recently been instrumental in leading the development of Hoglund Law’s Criminal Defense Division. Her hand-picked team provides stellar representation to clients in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

When she is not in court or on the phone with clients, Rebecca runs a salsa business with her husband, enjoys gardening, does embroidery, and practices her quilting.

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  • Criminal Defense
  • Debt Settlement

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