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Top 5 Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are over 3 million non-fatal injuries per year in the United States, according to The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma. Although there are many types of personal injuries sustained, many are caused by a third party’s negligence. For instance, if you are in an auto accident due to an inattentive driver, your […]

What Is The Average Personal Injury Settlement?

There are many factors involved in personal injury cases that will affect the settlement you receive. So the average personal injury settlement varies significantly depending on the type of injury you have suffered, among other factors. This article will explain what determines the amount of a personal injury settlement, how laws can affect the case, […]

How to Calculate What Your Personal Injury Is Worth

Person Injury

How To Calculate What Your Personal Injury Is Worth Now that we have covered some of the basics of personal injury cases, let’s talk about how to calculate what your personal injury is worth. While this information will be a good start in determining an estimate, it is important to speak to an expert on […]

What If the Accident Happened On The Job?

Accident On The Job

What If the Accident Happened On The Job? Have you recently suffered a workplace injury and are unsure what to do? Did a third party cause your accident while you were on the job? If so, you could have a personal injury case and may be entitled to additional compensation for your work-related accident. This […]

The Most Dangerous Roads In Minnesota

Dangerous Roads

The Most Dangerous Roads In Minnesota Whether you are a local Minnesotan or are visiting this beautiful state, you need to be aware of its hazardous highways. Unfortunately, car accidents are steadily increasing due to reckless driving, bad weather, and distracted drivers. In fact, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that there was a […]