Multiple Sclerosis

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Generally, the Social Security Disability program evaluates your Multiple Sclerosis based on the limitations that cause you disorganization of motor functions. This specifically includes persistent problems you may have with your legs, hands, and arms.  Furthermore, the SSA looks at problems and complications associated with your memory and concentration. This can include depression and anxiety related to your MS.  In our experience at Hoglund Law Offices, we argue how MS has caused demonstrable fatigue.

In our legal experience, the best way to document your MS symptoms is to receive regular work-ups and ongoing treatment from a neurologist. At your appointment with your neurologist, make sure he or she conducts a physical exam. Furthermore, you need to thoroughly explain the difficulties you are having with your motor functions with your neurologist. Doctors take notes. The level of detail in these notes will document the complications and complaints you are having with your MS. Regardless of any condition you have, it is always important to receive regular medical treatment from your doctor. Every doctor visit you have creates a paper trail for the Social Security Administration to determine if your condition is getting better, staying the same, or getting worse.

Our Hoglund Lawyers in Minnesota recommend that you also report any changing complications from your MS to your neurologist.  Your neurologist will likely be able to refer you to another doctor that specializes in, for example, vision or in mental health practice areas. As for mental health in particular, the proper specialist will be able to run tests to determine if you are having any problems with your memory and concentration. You should receive treatment from a psychiatrist or psychologist for any ongoing problems with depression and anxiety. Our Hoglund Lawyers can point out how a psychiatrist and psychologist may be able to pinpoint and document specific issues in a way that is uniquely different than your primary care physician or neurologist.

Fatigue is a complication associated with MS. You may experience an especially tiring fatigue after a short period of exercise, a walk, or routine household chores.  Report this kind fatigue to your neurologist. Additionally, ask your neurologist to conduct test to measure how easily your become fatigued. Your neurologist may be able to conduct a stress test or other tests to document how easily you become fatigued. From a legal standpoint, fatigue must be documented in some way – ideally by your neurologist. Keeping a daily journal regarding your activity and the fatigue associated with the activity could be helpful not only to lend credibility to your Social Security claim, but could also help your neurologist effectively treat you symptoms.

If you have any questions about how to apply or appeal your Social Security Disability claim, please feel free to call Hoglund Law Offices for a free initial consultation.

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