What are WBC, RBC, and platelets and what do they mean?

When individuals go to the doctor’s office for an annual examination, your doctor will likely send you for blood work. The blood work is use by doctor to help monitor your current health. The blood work also is used to help find out if there is something for the doctor to be concerned about. This blog will go over common lab results and explain what the blood work tells your doctor.

The blood work typically starts with WBC, white blood cells. The white blood cells reveals to the doctor on whether or not there is an infection in your body. In addition, the WBC may be high if you had a reaction to a drug, a disease in your bone marrow, or an immune symptom disorder. If your blood has a high level of WBC, then it is called leukocytosis.

However, if your WBC is low, it is called leukocytes. Having a low WBC counts may mean many different things, or it could be your normal level. Have a low WBC count may mean you have cancer, a viral infection, congenital disorder, autoimmune disorder, or any drugs that you are taking are damaging your WBC.

Another element on your blood work panel is RBC or red blood cells. RBCs are transporters. RBC transports oxygen and hemoglobin through your body’s tissues. If the blood work panel comes back as high, or erythrocytosis, then it could mean many different things. It could mean that you smoke, are dehydration, have kidney cancer, or other gene diseases.

However, if you RBC is lower than normal, an individual may multiple different types of impairments. An individual may have anemia, leukemia, bone marrow failure, nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition, or cancer in the bone marrow. Or an individual may have hemolysis, erythropoietin deficiency, or may be pregnant. Or you RBC may be lowered due to your medications.

Another element on the blood work panel are platelets. Platelets are used by your body to stop the bleeding. If an individual has a high level of platelets, it may indicate an infection in your body. Or it could mean that there is another condition impacting the platelets.

However, when your platelet levels are low, it could be from your medications. In addition, your platelets may be low, if you have an immune system disorder, or other types of disorders. If your platelets are low, it is called thrombocytopenia.

As a result, this is what the doctors are looking for when an individual has blood work done. Your doctors are looking for highs and lows to help pinpoint what is going on with their patients. Doctors use the blood work and the reported symptoms to help come up with a diagnosis.

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