Testimony Of a Medical Expert In a Disability Claim

Video Transcription:

“Hi my name is Andrew Kinney.  I work at Hoglund Law offices.  I’m an attorney there and I practice Social Security Disability law.  Today I wanted to talk about medical expert testimony at social security hearings.

Social Security has an application process.  From application to reconsideration, and ultimately you need to get denied at those two stages to get to a social security hearing with a federal social security administrative law judge.  When you get to that level the government can opt to have a medical expert testify, get paid by the government, and appear at the hearing.  The testimony may or may not be favorable to you but they are entitled to be in the hearing room while you’re giving testimony and then you can hear what they’re testifying about

Now the question is this: If you’re unsure about hiring an attorney at the lower stages that could be understandable, but at least consider thinking about hiring a social security attorney.  Consider that a hearing itself has a federal judge who is an attorney and it generally always has a vocational expert in the hearing. But you may also find that there’s a medical expert at the hearing.  They would never have met you in person, they would only have viewed your medical records and they will give an opinion on you’re being disabled or not based on just the medical records and at times some of your testimony.

So consider this.  There is medical expert testimony at hearings.  If you have a chance you would want to cross examine that doctor if you disagree with that doctor.  Some people can go to hearings on their own.  That cross examination will be up to you.  I would argue that, at least consider that it would be better to have someone trained that does cross examination of experts on almost every business day.

At Hoglund Law offices were well equipped to help you with not only developing your case and getting approvals perhaps before a hearing, but if you do go to a hearing we sit right with you and we listen to the medical expert testimony when that happens and we cross examine those medical experts about the objective evidence in your medical file.  So, if you want some “piece of mind” just know that if you hire an attorney, perhaps our office or some other office, we will make sure you have an “insurance policy” against a testimony that just doesn’t make sense.

So it important for you to know if you have questions about social security benefits, what hearings are all about we’ve spent some time on our website about hearings in particular.  Feel free to check out our disability library and blogs.  Feel free to check out www.HoglundLaw.com.  You can also call our office at 1-800-850-7867.  Hopefully this video helps and please feel free to make use of all the other materials available to help you.  Thank you.”

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