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Filing Bankruptcy – Should I Open a New Bank Account?

Filing Bankruptcy - Should I Open a New Bank Account?

Should I Open a New Bank Account Prior to Filing Bankruptcy? Prior to filing bankruptcy, a common concern is whether you can keep your bank account open during the process. The answer in most cases is yes. However, if you owe your current bank money, it is generally a good idea to switch to another […]

2020 Brings Bankruptcy Filing for Popular Retailers

Retail Bankruptcy

Retailers face financial uncertainty as many file for bankruptcy. State economies are beginning to re-open, including the return of in-store shopping. The re-opening of stores is a hopeful landmark, but it isn’t an immediate fix to decreased revenue. Some retailers who were on a financial downturn before the pandemic have found themselves facing bankruptcy decisions […]

Minnesota Bankruptcy Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Minnesota Bankruptcy Procedures United States Bankruptcy Court

How have bankruptcy procedures changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? To protect all parties involved, Minnesota bankruptcy procedures have changed to respect social distancing and safer at home guidelines. These changes include deadline extensions, office closures, payment methods, and document requests, among others. The United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Minnesota has enacted the following […]