Strengthening a Social Security Disability Claim

What the client can do to strengthen the case? 


A social security disability case can be strengthened or weakened by the actions of the client.  The first thing the client needs to do is be completely honest with their attorney.  This can relate to severity of impairments and the ability to handle daily activities.  Your attorney needs to be completely informed and up to date on your case.  Keeping things from your attorney can be detrimental and possibly lead to an unfavorable decision.

The client also needs to be treating on a regular basis for all the severe impairments they are alleging to the Social Security Administration (SSA).  This means, treating with a psychiatrist/psychologist if you are alleging mental health issues as a severe impairment.  Frequent treatment seems to hold more weight with the SSA.  It is very important that you are not just seeing a family doctor one time per year and alleging multiple severe impairments that keep you from working.  You need to be treating with a specialist regarding your different impairments.  Being compliant with your treating source is very important also.  Make sure you are taking the medications and attending the treatment sessions as scheduled by your medical provider.

The client needs to make sure they are keeping contact with their attorney.  If your phone number or mailing address changes, your attorney needs to be kept up to date.  Keeping regular contact is important for the attorney to successfully develop the case and get the social security disability claim approved.  Further, if you are treating with new medical sources, you need to update the attorney with this information as well.  The attorney is not able to find out where the client is treating, without assistance.


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By Beau Chinn

Written by Jennifer Mrozik

Jennifer is a partner in the firm and practices exclusively in the area of Social Security disability law. She continues to lead efforts to find solutions for clients in the sometimes difficult Social Security claims process.

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