Specialists and Social Security Disability

When filing for Social Security Disability the best course of action is to document your symptoms and to be seen by a licensed professional. Remember that the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not give all doctors the same weight or acceptability level if you will. They consider an acceptable treatment source to be licensed physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Even though chiropractors are doctors, SSA does not see them as an acceptable medical source.

Let’s look at specialists for a moment. The Social Security Administration considers the records of a specialist in a medical field to hold great weight. So you should try to see a specialist in the area of study that treats your type of disability. Your general practitioner (family) doctor’s records while useful, may not be as helpful as a specialist records would be. If you do not know what type of specialist to see, here are some of the specialists that you might need to see and what areas they cover.

Orthopedist’s treat the skeletal system like your back or neck to name a few. While a podiatrist treats the disorders of the feet. If eyes are what is causing you to be disabled, then maybe you need to see an ophthalmologist. An endocrinologist, is a specialist that treats diseases of the glands. Where a Cardiologist treats diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This is just a small list of specialty areas but, all of these are areas that if your conditions are severe enough, then Social Security could find you disabled.

So even though Social Security looks at the totality of the medical evidence to prove your claim, not all evidence is given the same weight. Also only some doctors are considered to be acceptable treating sources. So if you can, see a specialist in the field of your disability as to give you the best chances to win your Social Security disability claim.

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