Social Security in the Technological Age: the move internet services

The Social Security Administration has been making moves for decades toward a more technologically advanced process. Payments are direct deposited into a bank account or on to a debit card rather than mailing out checks. Applicants can apply and appeal online. They can also fill out a benefits estimation calculator to determine a monthly estimate of benefits. The Administration has moved away from an annual notification mailing to this online estimator instead.

Here is a short list of online services:

  • Apply for benefits
  • Get your Social Security Statement
  • Appeal a decision
  • Find out if you qualify for benefits
  • Estimate future benefits
  • Manage your my Social Security account
  • Request verification of benefit letter
  • Request letter stating non-receipt of benefits
  • Change direct deposit/ payment system information
  • Manage privacy settings
  • Get relevant tax documents
  • Submit records
  • Verify Social Security Numbers

There is ongoing debate in Congress and in Agency personnel over moves to expand online services rather than in-person services. Thousands of people apply in person at local offices and federal employee unions would like to keep it that way. We work with clients to help with applications, appeals, and submission of medical records all online. More people every day expect online access to tools and Social Security is beginning to follow suit.

A complete move toward online is less than ideal, because face-to-face interaction is often the best way to get tasks accomplished. We often advise potential clients who are getting the runaround to go to their local office and talk to someone. The 800-number is a difficulty and trying experience for some people looking for answers from the Social Security Administration. District office employees make observations while helping applicants with benefits claims. They can in some very limited circumstances, note nearly automatic approval reasons. They case still must be submitted for evaluation, but with these special cases, approval often happens very quickly. In the contrary, the observations by a district office employee can be very harmful for a claimant’s case. Judges and case evaluators can reference these observations as reasons to deny claims. We can help fight these observations if necessary.

If you are having trouble getting disability benefits whether online or in person, please contact our office for help.

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