Social Security and the Government Shutdown

As many already know, the government has been shut down for a couple of weeks now.  Many who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, have hearings set up regarding receiving SSI, or are seeking to start the process have questioned how the shutdown impacts Social Security.  This shutdown has made an impact on Social Security, but the field offices will still remain open; however, even though the field offices are still operating, they can only provide citizens with limited services.  For example, if you already have a hearing date scheduled, your hearing will continue.  The hearing offices will remain open during the shutdown; and as far as SSI payments go, the shutdown has no impact on how much you receive or when you get your payments.  You will receive your SSI payments as you usually do, with the same amount you usually receive.

Found on the official Social Security Administration website ( here are the following services that will continue to be provided by the field offices throughout the government shutdown:

    • Help you apply for benefits
    • Assist you in requesting an appeal
    • Change your address or direct deposit information
    • Accept reports of death
    • Verify or change your citizenship status
    • Replace a lost or missing Social Security payment
    • Issue a critical payment
    • Change a representative payee
    • Process a change in your living arrangement or income (SSI recipients only)


Provided by the same website is a list of services they will not be able to provide during the shutdown:

    • Issue new or replacement Social Security cards
    • Replace your Medicare card
    • Issue a proof of income letter


As was mentioned above, the following information can be found at the official Social Security Administration (website link above).

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