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“Hi, my name is Andrew Kinney.  I’m an attorney at Hoglund Law offices.  I practice Social Security Disability law.  Today I wanted to talk about listed impairments.

What does that mean?  Well in the world of social security law, social security takes any medical reason that you might be unable to work full-time and they define it.  There are certain levels of problems you can have either physically or emotionally that if they’re bad enough with enough measured criteria, you could be by definition disabled, so listings are essentially definitions of disability.  On our website at we go through some of those definitions of disability and you can also find those on the website as well.

What does it matter that you have a listed impairment?  If you may have a listed impairment then you want to make sure that your doctor has perhaps documented this well or even written a letter laying out why it meets the definition of disability.  That could really make or break a case.  Otherwise if someone is not by definition disabled under the listings, you have to prove you are unable to perform past relevant work. We have a video on past relevant work.  So if you understand what a listed impairment is or a listing you can understand that its social security’s way of saying that you get a pass, you’re approved.

There are two ways you can meet the definition or at least be approved under a listing.  One is called meeting a listing.  All the elements of a listing laid out by the law are all in your medical record.  An alternative way that you can do that is what’s called equaling a listing.  If you’re at a hearing and there’s a medical expert testifying whether you meet or equal a listing that’s what that means, and ive even recently done this, you can argue why doesn’t my client equal a listing?  Equaling means that you don’t meet all the criteria but you meet most of it.  That’s very important, and allows a little fudge room.  If you have more questions about listings or more questions about help an attorney help you with ym case, feel free to go to our website at  You can also call us a 1-800-850-7867.  Thank you.”

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