Social Security Disability and the On the Record Process

On-the-Record Reviews are available to anyone who files a Social Security Disability claim. Once the lower levels processes have been exhausted. What that means, is that your claim must be at the hearing level to ask for an On the Record request.

So now you are at the hearing level. What’s next you ask! Well the review can happen in a few ways. An On the Record review can be initiated by an examiner that works for the Social Security Administration, which would be the best case scenario. This usually happens if new medical evidence is submitted and upon review by Social Security it is deemed that with the new evidence that a hearing is no longer needed and a fully favorable decision can be granted.

Another way for this request to be done is by your attorney representative. You may ask that your representative write a brief on your behalf. So that once your file from Social Security is available, your attorney can review what is already on record before requesting updated information on your behalf. Once all the new information has been reviewed, the brief can be written. But it should be noted, that not all cases make good On the Record cases. The attorney must make the decision on whether a brief should be written on a case to case basis after reviewing the information.

You could also put together the information yourself, if you are doing this process on your own. You will need to provide a detailed explanation that points out the specific medical evidence that proves that you are disabled by Social Security’s rules. Then write a formal request for an On the Record review.

Once the request for an On-the-Record Review has been submitted, one of these outcomes should happen. Your claim could be granted based on the evidence in your file along with the brief or a judge may feel that the evidence is not clear cut enough to approve the claim during an On-the-Record review. If a Judge cannot grant the case based on the information submitted, then your claim will have to be argued at a hearing by your attorney when a date becomes available. An On-the-Record Review cannot stop your claim from proceeding, unless a fully favorable decision can be reached.

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