Social Security Disability and Children

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“Hi, my name is Andrew Kinney. I’m an attorney and I practice Social Security Disability Law at Hoglund Law offices.

Today I wanted to talk to you about children’s benefits. Children can receive benefits if for instance; they have a diseased parent that had a work history. In this instance today I’m talking about children’s benefits based on their own disability. The program where children receive benefits based on their own disability is called supplemental security income. It’s a need based program. It’s also known as SSI.

When you apply for a child for SSI benefits one of the first questions Social Security asks is the financial income of where the child lives. So there are some financial need based qualifications to get in the door to be able to have social security evaluate the underlying medical condition.

Also consider that with supplemental security income the child be evaluated when they’re under 18. If on the off chance the child is under 18 when applied then turns 18 before the case is done it will actually be a child and separate decisions will be made for an adult.

The standards are whether the child meets a listing; the medical definition of disability. Or if the child has two marked on one extreme level of domains in six different domains.

If you have more questions about how childhood cases are evaluated or you have specific questions about helping you as attorneys in your childhood claim, please call Hoglund Law offices or go online at”

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