Social Security Consultative Examinations. What is the Purpose?

When you filed a claim for Social Security Disability did you think that you might have to see one of Social Security’s doctors? Well many people have asked just that question and have been surprised by the array of answers that have come from this simple question. I will address the reasons that you might be asked to go to a consultative exam. Just a side note, Social Security Consultative exams (CE) come in two flavors. The physical CE and the psychological CE.

Some people have asked, why they would need to see a Social Security doctor if Social Security already has their medical records. Does that mean that they do not believe my doctor? Usually if they have asked you to go to a physical consultative exam, it is more than likely that they needed further medical assistance in making a decision on your claim. It could be that the medical records were not clear enough to make a decision. You can help here! By letting your doctor know at each visit what is still ailing you. Along with what has gotten better or worse pertaining to your disabilities. Like painting a picture of your disability, if you will. It is not that Social Security does not believe your doctor, it has more to do with the medical records they received from your doctor not being a clear picture of the disability you have claimed.

Another question that arises often when it comes to Consultative Exams is why a claimant might be asked to go to a Psychological CE when the disabilities they are claiming are all physical? Some of the reasons that Social Security psychological CE may be requested of the claimant are if one of the medications you are currently taking is usually prescribed for a psychological ailment. Or if you have memory issues, have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or if there is mention in your medical records that you suffer from anxiety. This is not a complete list of reasons for a psychological exam to be requested of you but, you can get an idea of why it might happen to you.

If you have wondered if you must to go to this exam and if so, who is paying for it? The answer to the first part is that it is in your best interest to go to the exams that Social Security requests you to attend and if Social Security has requested that you go, then they will be picking up the tab for the exam. It should also be noted that, just because you have gone an exam that Social Security requested you still need to continue treatment with your own doctors throughout the Social Security process. The Social Security doctors are for further clarification of your disabilities. Where your doctor’s are for continuous treatment of those disabilities.

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