How Does my Social Security Attorney Prepare me for my Hearing?

So, you have a hearing in the near future for Social Security Benefits and you wonder, what your attorney will do to prepare you for this big event. We at Hoglund Law office, understand the importance of having an attorney at your hearing and making sure you make the most of the event that you have been waiting so long for. I can’t promise that attorneys outside of our office will do the same, I wish they did so all clients had the best representation, but I will explain how our attorneys prepare our clients.

In the months leading up to the hearing, our staff conduct periodic updates of your medical treatment so we can gather all the relevant medical information to have for the judge. We have a team of paralegals and attorneys working on every case, so no one attorney’s case load becomes overwhelming or unmanageable. This system of representation also allows us to make sure there is always a prepared attorney at your hearing. A hearing attorney will be assigned to your case in the months leading up to the hearing as well.

In the final weeks and days before your hearing, your hearing attorney will review all the medical records gathered about your case. We will look for the best possible case for you. After the attorney has reviewed your information thoroughly, the attorney will call you to prepare you for your hearing. This usually happens in the last few days before the hearing. This phone call serves as a reminder of your hearing and an opportunity for you to ask questions about the hearing. The attorney will explain where the hearing is, how to get there if you don’t know, who the judge is and what to expect the day of the hearing. We remind our clients to be to the hearing location one hour before the hearing we can meet in person and discuss the case more thoroughly. The attorney will also have questions for you about your medical information and your case history that are important for your case. The attorney will also explain who will be at the hearing besides the judge and what to expect from those witnesses. There will be a hearing monitor, a vocational expert, and in some cases a medical expert.

They day of the hearing, the attorney will meet you at the hearing location. The attorney will go cover what kinds of questions the judge is likely to ask and what is important and not important to the case. The attorney will ask you if there is any information you brought that you want to share and will remind you of hearing office policies. If at any time you have question about your case or what to do in the hearing, you should ask.

It is important to remember that the hearing in front of the Administrative Law Judge is your chance for Social Security to meet you and evaluate your case in person. You want to be prepared and calm. The attorney will do the same. If you have a hearing coming up that you have questions about, please call our office at 855-513-4357 or do a free evaluation of your case. We want to help you with your upcoming hearing for Social Security Benefits.

Written by Hoglund Law

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