Remote DLI – Seek Social Security Before It’s Too Late.

From:  Joshua Tripp


In some cases, where a claimant has not worked recently and there is too many household assets or too much income to be eligible for SSI, the claimants are left struggling to prove disability for many years prior to the current date. This can be very difficult to do and there must be more than just the claimant’s testimony to win the case.

For an example, I recently had a social security claimant who had to go back about ten years to prove disability.  For approval here, it must be shown that the claimant had a disability prior to their date last insured and that their disability has continued.  This requires consistent medical evidence of severe impairment.  Additionally, to bolster the claimant’s medical record of ten years ago, I had the claimant’s current doctor, who was currently supportive of disability, write a narrative of the claimant’s impairments based on the current time frame, along with a review of the prior medical records.  This was helpful to assess that the conditions were as severe ten years as they are today.  He opined that the claimant was unable to work ten years ago and the condition has not improved.  Although this is important, his opinion needs to be supported by the medical record as a whole.  The medical evidence is particularly important for a case with a remote date last insured because it is hard to say the claimant can testify about conditions as accurately ten years ago as they could today.

It is always best to not wait to apply for social security disability.  Waiting can put you in the predicament of having to prove disability many years prior to the application, which is not an easy task.  Contact a social security attorney before it is too late.

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