Medication Compliance and Social Security Disability

It is not mandatory that you be on some kind of medication to apply for Social Security disability. Nor are the Social Security Disability Rules definitions based on the medications that you are prescribed. But with that being said, if your condition could be better controlled with a certain type of medication and you’re not taking it, then the examiner might see that as a sign that your condition might not be disabling.

Furthermore, the disability examiner might feel that either you are not seeking care for your disability and that is why you are not on medication; or that your doctor feels that your condition(s) are not severe enough to need medication. So once you are given a medication for your condition, you should take it as prescribed. By showing Social Security Disability that you are working with your doctor to try to control you condition(s) and that you are being compliant with what is being asked of you pertaining to your doctor’s medical directions.

You and your doctor need to work together to prove to Social Security that even though you are taking the medication(s) as you are supposed to, the debilitating condition(s) that keep you from working are still affecting your daily life. The best way is to stay compliant with your medication(s). If you go off and on the medication(s) it could be construed that this might be why you are unable to work.

Unfortunately you might be one of the people that are either uninsured or cannot afford the treatment(s) they need. If you fall into either of these groups, you will have a harder time proving that you are disabled. If this is your situation, check into free clinics, county assistance, and any other professional opportunities available to you to get the care you need. Final thought! Once compliant with your medication(s) and treatment(s) do everything in you can to stay that way. It is in your best interest medically and it will assist you in having the credibility needed for your Social Security Disability Claim.


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