Medicare Wait Period and Retroactive Benefits

Once disability is determined either at the initial level or by an Administrative Law Judge, you may become eligible for Medicare.  Medicare coverage is available if you are approved for Disability Insurance Benefits under Title II and after a 24 month wait period.  This wait period commences upon the onset date of disability. (The date you are determined to have become disabled.)  For many, this wait period will be either completed or near completed by the time you are approved by an Administrative Law Judge as the Social Security Disability evaluation process can take several years.

During the waiting period you may accumulate medical bills.  In some cases Medicare coverage may be retroactive.  If you paid for medical services you can ask your provider to resubmit medical claims to Medicare and generally healthcare providers have one year from the time of service to resubmit claims.  The two parts of Medicare that you will be enrolled in are Hospital Care (Part A) and Medical Insurance (Part B).  The hospital care (Part A) will be provided for free through Medicare as the taxes you paid financed this coverage.  The medical coverage (Part B) which is mostly doctors’ bills, will most likely require additional premiums for which you will be responsible.

There are additional parts to Medicare that are available such as prescription drug coverage and gap coverage.  For questions related to Medicare, how to apply or any other issues related to your Social Security Disability claim, please contact us at Hoglund, Chwialkowski, and Mrozik.


By Lyndsey Sharpe

Written by Hoglund Law

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