Why is a Medical Expert at my Hearing?

There is a possibility that a medical expert will be present at your hearing. This medical expert is present as a neutral expert, and will be assisting in helping the Administrative Law Judge understand the medical diagnosis and conditions outlined in your medical records. This will be a doctor that has not examined you before, and will be basing their opinions solely on the review of your medical records. This is why it is important to notify your attorney of all medical clinics and hospital visits you have had in the relevant time period at question, so that your medical records are up to date for the medical expert to review.

The medical expert will be providing testimony whether in their opinion your conditions either meet or equal Social Security’s medical criteria (“The Listings of Impairments”) for being found disabled. If the medical expert finds that you do not necessarily meet or equal a listing, the expert will identify any functional limitations that they deem necessary in a work-setting based on their review of the medical records. At the hearing your attorney will have the opportunity to cross-examine the medical expert to further determine work-related limitations.

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