Medical Debts and Bankruptcy

Overwhelmed with medical debt? If you have incurred medical debt due to illness or having medical procedures without insurance, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you get rid of your debt. Many people are mistaken in thinking they are only able to file bankruptcy on consumer debts such as credit cards or unsecured loans, but medical debts are also included in bankruptcy.

Medical debts can be tantamount to credit card debt for a lot of people and many hospitals and clinics pursue these debts vigorously.In Minnesota, hospitals and clinics are able to collect medical debt from both spouses even if the debt is only incurred by one spouse, which can create issues if your family members have medical issues. Bankruptcy can help you avoid harassment, lawsuits and garnishments and bank levies on behalf of hospitals and clinics.

Many times, people suffering from illnesses or medical debts will be out of work and unable to keep up with their hospital bills and regular living expenses. Hoglund law can help! Please schedule a free consultation with one of our experience bankruptcy attorneys to discuss how we can help you through a medical bankruptcy.

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