What is mastocytosis?

Mastocytosis is a rare disorder. It is a disorder that may be diagnosed in both children and adults. It is a disorder that have mass production of cells.   This blog will explain what mastocytosis is and how it effects individuals. This blog will also cover on whether or not you should file for Social Security.

As noted above, mastocytosis is a rare disorder. Mastocytosis is divided into different forms. Most people have urticarial pigmentosa, which is a considered a cutaneous mastocytosis. Another form of cutaneous mastocytosis is macularis eruptiva perstans, which is even rarer.

In addition, there is systemic mastocyosis. Systemic mastocystosis is further broken up into three classes. The classes are indolent systemic mastocystosis, leukemic systemic and aggressive systemic mastocytosis. Regardless of the type, individuals with mastocytosis typically have symptoms similar to an allergic reaction.

Individuals typically report fatigue, skin lesions, itching, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Individuals might also report bone pain, muscle pain, headaches, malabsorption, abdominal discomfort, and either low bone density or high bone density. Because of the nature of these symptoms, it is hard for individuals to be diagnosed with mastocytosis, until your doctors have rule out other possible conditions.

In order to be diagnosed with mastocytosis, individuals typically need a skin biopsy to help diagnosed the disorder. In fact, some individual would need to have a bone marrow biopsy done to diagnose the systemic mastocystosis. Once a diagnosed is make, the treatment is usually targeted towards the symptoms of the disorder, since there is no cure.

As a result, when considering applying for Social Security Disability, an individual needs to consider the severity of their condition and whether or not the treatment of the symptoms is effective. If individuals are missing work on a regular bases due to the symptoms, they would likely qualify for benefits. However, if the individual is able to work with few or no problems at work, then Social Security Disability is not for you.

In conclusion, just because it is a rare condition does not mean you should apply for Social Security Disability. However, if your condition is causing severe problems at work and is not control by treatment, then filing for Social Security Disability should be considered.


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