L.A. Dodgers Baseball Team Files Bankruptcy

The Los Angeles Dodgers have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware. Dodger’s owner Frank McCourt was relying on a TV deal worth billions to help ease financial troubles. However, Major League Baseball did not approve the deal. McCourt is asking for time to secure another media deal, and he is seeking $150 million to finance daily expenses. The Dodgers owe millions to former players, who have filed claims. The team has also experienced a substantial decrease in fan attendance at games.

The Dodgers likely would have been unable to make their next payroll. McCourt filed for bankruptcy before a takeover by MLB could become an option. Analysts believe MLB will fight the bankruptcy, because the league wants the issue to stay within baseball. Additionally, the MLB constitution gives commissioner Bud Selig the power to takeover a team in bankruptcy.

McCourt has been a controversial owner since he acquired the team in 2004. McCourt purchased the Dodgers for $430 million in a highly leveraged transaction. Selig hired Tom Schieffer to monitor the Dodgers in April, because he was worried about the financial situation. The bankruptcy filing has been an embarrassment for the team.


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