How the Social Security Disability Process Ignores the Real Job World

As I finished my Social Security disability hearings today, it struck me how often I need to explain what Social Security DOES NOT account for when evaluating Social Security claims.  Hopefully this blog will help.

Social Security allows you to receive benefits if your health will keep you from working full-time for 1 year or more.  As Hoglund Lawyers, we argue Social Security benefits claims every day.  Despite our immersion in legal procedure and complex medical arguments, we still need to remind our clients about the following simple fact:  Social Security ignores many non-medical reasons that keep people from working in the real world.

These are the top 6 real world concerns that the Social Security disability process ignores:

6.  I don’t  have the proper job experience.  Social Security, as a general rule, will only consider whether you can do:  (1) unskilled work, or (2) work using your skills from your past work.

5.  I have childcare issues.  Social Security does not account for the time or expense of your family obligations in deciding whether your medical problems affect your ability to work.

4.  I am not near any jobs.  Social Security only considers whether sufficient numbers of certain job categories exist in your general geographical region.

3.  No one would hire me with my medical/legal history.  Social Security only considers how your impairments impact your ability to work, not your ability to get hired.

2.  I don’t have transportation.  Social Security evaluates your ability to do jobs, not get to them.

1.  There are no open positions where I live.  Social Security accounts for jobs that exist, and ignores whether they are available.

Finding and keeping a job in this market can be difficult.  Severe medical problems can make this profoundly more difficult.  If you are trying to get Social Security disability benefits, take heart.  Make sure that you treat for your medical problems with a physician you trust.  If you don’t currently have medical insurance, see what’s available — including free medical clinics.

Although Social Security can ignore your practical life circumstances, it does account for your doctor’s documentation of your medical problems.

If you do not have an attorney helping you with your claim, it is important to get legal advice specific to your situation.  If you want legal advice from one of our lawyers at Hoglund Law Offices, you can reach our offices at 1-800-850-7867.  There is no fee unless you are approved.  If you are approved, our only fees are 25% of your back payment of benefits.

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Andrew Kinney, Esq.


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