How Americans Are Reducing Spending

Many Americans are facing difficult financial situations. Results from a new Harris study show how consumers are reducing their expenses. (Today) The survey asked consumers to respond to whether they had thought about using different methods of saving money in the past six months. The results are listed below, along with the percentage of those surveyed that considered the method. (DailyFinance)

  1. Saving money at the grocery store, 67%
  2. Packing a lunch instead of buying one, 46%
  3. Going to a hairstylist less often, 43%
  4. Switching to reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water, 39%
  5. Ending magazine subscriptions, 31%
  6. Reducing amount of dry cleaning, 24%
  7. Cancelling or reducing cable TV service, 22%
  8. Stopping morning coffee purchases, 21%
  9. Ending newspaper subscriptions, 18%

10.  Ending landline phone service, 16%

11.  Ending or reducing cell phone service, 14%

12.  Using public transportation or carpooling, 14%




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