Homelessness through the Social Security Application process

Video Transcription:
“Hi, my name is Andrew Kinney. I’m an attorney practicing Social Security Disability Law and Supplemental Security Income law at Hoglund Law offices. Today in this video I wanted to explain a broad topic, a very difficult topic, but one that requires discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about how you handle homelessness through application process. Homelessness is an issue that essentially, for whatever reason, makes someone hard to get a hold of. We have a lot of clients, at least a fair number of clients, who have difficulty (for obvious reasons) being able to maintain a residence or finding somewhere else to stay. One of the elements of homelessness that I’m addressing here is if there’s mental illness or physical illness that’s caused homelessness .

What’s very important if at all possible is to work with the county and particularity a case worker. Case workers can know where shelters are they can know where other places where someone can stay for a longer term.

So this video addresses not only is people that have difficulty maintaining where you live but also if you have a family member with this problem that might have a medical problem and needs to apply for social security or already has. Also this is for case workers in general.

So I would say this: It is very important to get an application in. For social security there is no spontaneous application that happens. If it’s very clear for instance that someone has paranoid schizophrenia it’s very clear that someone may need social security benefits, but until that application is submitted, social security won’t necessarily know where they are.

There have been some initiatives in the past to try to find out and seek out people that have difficulties with homelessness with mental illness or physical illness. But those initiatives you can’t rely on. What is very important, again, is if you know someone that needs help or if you need help medically make sure to treat with a doctor and make sure to get regular medical care. That’s easier said than done depending on the state you’re in. Using the example of schizophrenia or perhaps depression. If you don’t treat then there won’t be enough proof generally to prove that you have the disability. Social Security looks at medical records. If someone is homeless, understandably they have difficulty getting to doctor’s appointments, let alone even knowing when they are going to have their next food.

So cooperate with a case worker and make sure the case worker is helping coordinate where you are.  If you have our law office helping you it’s very important to give us contact information of where other family members are, even if they are out of state. It may be that they know where you are. The last thing that we want is a client who applied and we can’t find them, its basically heartbreaking. So make sure that there are multiple contact sources for you or for the person that you’re helping.

So with regular medical care and an attorney’s office doing appeals for you, even if we can’t find you we can do what’s called a protective appeal. It’s not ideal, but in the short span of time there is an appeal necessary we may go online and appeal for you just to keep your case going, and we will continue trying to reconnect with you if we’ve lost you. So if you know that you have a pending case going know that social security won’t necessarily know where you are. At minimum, if you are on your own make sure to go to local social security office and maybe get a status update on your case. Social Security may allow you to continue your case if you had been denied and didn’t know about it.

So there are a lot of legal issues here particularly involving notice of denials that come into play. So if you want help from a law firm that cares, and that’s Hoglund Law offices, feel free to call our office number at 1-800-850-7867. You can also find us at www.HoglundLaw.com So good luck and hopefully you get the benefits that you need to be able to survive.”

Written by Hoglund Law

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