How Do I Win My Social Security Disability Case?

How do I win my Social Security Disability Case?

How to Win Your Social Security Disability Case.

  1. Consider hiring an Attorney. While disability cases can be approved without the help of a lawyer, the process is often long and difficult. Having an attorney that understands social security laws and regulations can be a major help in winning your case.
  2. Start taking notes. It is very important to keep track of what doctors you are seeing and when they were seen. You will have to provide the names of all your doctors, their contact information and the dates of treatment. Every place you have treated is very important for social security to know, so the records can be gathered. Having all the records can help you prove and win your case.
  3. Talk to your doctors. The opinions of your doctors can be very helpful for social security to decide in your favor. It is important to talk to your doctors and find out if any of them are supportive of your disability case and willing to help by providing their opinion. A supportive doctor can be helpful in winning your case.
  4. Keep in contact. It is always important to stay in contact with social security and your lawyer (if you have one). The process can be long, and things can change over time. For example: you could move, you could get a new phone number, or you could change doctors.There are important deadlines that will need to be met and if social security or your lawyer can not find you then you could miss one of these dates. Updating your information when things change can help you win your case.
  5. Don’t Quit! As mentioned before, the process is very long. It can take up to 2 years to get a decision from a Judge. The most important thing you can do for your case is to not give up and continue to fight by staying on top of your case. Being your own best advocate will help you win your case!