Soft Tissue Damage

Hoglund Law

Our lawyers at Hoglund Law Offices have represented many clients with soft tissue damage. These injuries, when serious, can keep you out of full-time work for over a year or more. If so, the Social Security Administration allows you to receive disability benefits for your soft tissue injuries (e.g. burns). First, however, you need to meet certain qualifications.

Soft tissue injuries is a general category used by Social Security to describe complications from serious injuries to all parts of your body, including arms, legs, trunk, and face. Social Security evaluates whether you are under “continuing surgical management,” which just means surgery in some form is ongoing.

You need to expect serious limitations that will last one year. So, even if you get better over a year later (which can happen in soft tissue injury claims), you can still receive benefits retroactively for the year you were unable to work. This is called a “closed period of benefits”. An attorney at Hoglund Law Offices can explain details about how this works.

If you would like a team of experienced attorneys helping you prove your disability, please call Hoglund Law offices today. We’ll be happy to talk with you.

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