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Social Security can approve people for disability benefits based on Schizophrenia. Social Security defines Schizophrenia under the “listed” impairment 12.03.

A diagnosis is not enough under listing 12.03. Our client’s treatment records must show that he or she suffers from: 1) delusions or hallucinations; or 2) disorganized or catatonic behavior; or 3) a pattern of incoherent or illogical thinking; or 4) emotional isolation and withdrawal from social interaction.

Our clients may need to prove “marked” limitations in particular areas. “Marked” is ill-defined. Having two life areas of marked limitations can be difficult.

Doctor’s records are not always sufficient to prove disability. They write their notes in order to best understand, help, and treat the patient, not to prove the legal requirements for disability. That’s where our Hoglund Lawyers can help.

At Hoglund Law Offices, we have inquiries for doctors to complete that allow us to successfully argue 12.03 claims. Legal experience makes a difference.

For those suffering from schizophrenia, we counsel our clients to regularly treat with a psychiatrist and psychologist/therapist. If you cannot get help from a mental health professional, it is still important to get medication through a primary care provider or nurse practitioner whenever possible. Lack of finances and insurance, however, can be a problem.

We also tell our clients to take their medications as prescribed. Failing to do this can lose a disability claim. Doctors check blood work to verify there are therapeutic medication levels in your system. Also, keep in mind that any chemical dependency issues can also lead to a denial of benefits. Therefore, it is imperative to stay clean and sober when applying for disability benefits.

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