Parkinson’s Disease

Hoglund Law

Parkinson’s Disease can cause severe limitations in your ability to move and get around. You may also have difficulties starting and continuing activities. Additionally, Parkinson’s Disease may cause tremors that complicate your ability to walk, balance, and move around. All these symptoms are important when Social Security evaluates disability.

Consistent medical treatment is important for any Social Security Disability claim. It is especially important in cases regarding Parkinson’s Disease. Neurologist treatment will not only help confirm the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, but it will help confirm the physical limitations directly associated with its progress.

As with any Social Security Disability claim, proper documentation by regular medical treatment can help support an approval of the claim. The Social Security Disability program reviews Parkinson’s Disease by deciding how severe the condition is, how it affects your ability to start and continue activities. This is why you should express any concerns you are having with your neurologist. Physical examinations can be improved with input from you. Our Hoglund Lawyers note that keeping a journal of the day-to-day problems you are having helps make sure that details are not forgotten during medical appointments.

Social Security Disability also looks at how Parkinson’s Disease affects two of your extremities. If your legs are involved, make sure to discuss with your doctor whether a cane or walker would be helpful. Do not be embarrassed to ask your doctor for a prescription if necessary for any devices that might improve your quality of life.

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