Ischemic Heart Disease

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Ischemic heart disease symptoms can cause pain and fatigue. This, in turn, can keep you from working full-time.  If true, you may be approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

Another name for ischemic heart disease is myocardial ischemia. Damage happens from restricted blood to the heart.  In the same way, coronary artery disease can restrict blood supply.

Keep in mind that a diagnosis does not guarantee an approval. Social Security needs to evaluate the progress of your treatment.

Below are some of the common legal questions our attorneys get about Social Security disability benefits claims involving heart disease:

How do I make sure Social Security knows how severe my symptoms are? 

Treat regularly. Testing, specialist appointments, and blood work can help Social Security track your functioning over time. This allows our attorneys to argue the truth of your disability.

What happens if I don’t follow up with my treatment? 

Follow your doctor’s orders, including trying to stop personal habits such as smoking. Compliance has legal ramifications.

How does taking my medications help my Social Security claim?

You can note when you do take certain kinds of particular medications. In our legal experience, nitroglycerin is one of them. Your medical record can help your physician know that you are doing your best to take your medications. If so, this will diminish attempts by Social Security to discredit you.

Social Security Disability claim, just like medicine, can be complicated. Please feel free to call Hoglund Law Offices to learn more about how our team of attorneys helps many people just like you.

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