Chemical Dependency

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Chemical dependency (CD) can cause you to lose your Social Security Disability benefits claim in Minnesota. Why? Social Security can decide that your chemical dependency causes your disability.

We see 3 kinds of chemical dependency: Addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescribed medications. Below is the Listing, or Social Security definition, of chemical dependency:

The required level of severity for these disorders is met when the requirements in any of the following (A through I) are satisfied.

  1. Organic mental disorders. Evaluate under 12.02.
  2. Depressive syndrome. Evaluate under 12.04.
  3. Anxiety disorders. Evaluate under 12.06.
  4. Personality disorders. Evaluate under 12.08.
  5. Peripheral neuropathies. Evaluate under 11.14.
  6. Liver damage. Evaluate under 5.05.
  7. Gastritis. Evaluate under 5.00.
  8. Pancreatitis. Evaluate under 5.08.
  9. Seizures. Evaluate under 11.02 or 11.03.

As you can see, if you have a chemical dependency and it causes one of these other problems, you may lose your claim for benefits.

What can you do about chemical dependency? Get professional help now. Addictions of any kind can destroy your health. Our clients who have gone to get professional help for their chemical dependency have strengthened their Social Security claims. We can usually make better arguments. Why? They are more believable, and the proof of underlying disability is clearer.

Chemical dependency is a very difficult problem. Not feeling well does not make it any easier to face. Getting help is a first step to getting out of this hole. If you have a social security benefits claim, it is important that Social Security focuses on the truth of your underlying medical problems. Eliminating chemical dependency can not only help you, but it can also help your claim for benefits.

If you want legal help with an application or an appeal for Social Security benefits, please call Hoglund Law Offices for a free initial consultation.

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