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Hoglund Lawyer Andrew Kinney, Esq.

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Hoglund Lawyer Andrew Kinney, Esq., has just published a free “Client Legal Guide to Social Security Hearings.”  Finally, a way to understand what to expect at a hearing from a Hoglund Lawyer who does 400-500 Social Security hearings a year!

This free 28-page client guide explains the entire hearing process, and shows you how your Hoglund Lawyer can help you get approved for Social Security benefits.

Andrew Kinney explained why he wrote the guide:

I wanted to help our clients understand what to expect at our hearings.  There are federal judges and experts, and the process can be scary even with one of our Hoglund Lawyers there with you.  We’ve found over the years that our clients benefit from knowing what’s going on at the hearings — especially when we are cross-examining experts or giving closing legal arguments.

An excerpt from page 26 of the free Hoglund Lawyer Guide:

Know that at your hearing, you are helping the judge understand your medical problems.  Most people know how they feel day-to-day.  Your attorney can describe the kinds of questions the judge may ask.  The judge can read your medical records, but you are there in person to give your side of the story and make your situation ‘real’ for the judge.

This full color, fully indexed and bookmarked Hoglund Lawyer Guide answers these questions:

  • What is a Social Security benefits hearing?
  • What am I trying to prove at my Social Security benefits hearing?
  • Are there different kinds of Social Security benefits hearings?
  • Who is at my Social Security benefits hearing?
  • What will happen at my hearing?
  • What should I bring? What should I wear?
  • Fearing your hearing?
  • Does my attorney need any legal forms for my hearing?
  • What happens just before my hearing?
  • What is my Social Security hearing file?
  • What if I miss my hearing?
  • What kinds of Social Security benefits are there for disabled people?
  • When am I first disabled?
  • What is my “Filing Date”?
  • Does my “Filing Date” matter?
  • Does Social Security make findings like workers’ compensation?
  • What if I already receive disability from the VA?
  • What is the most important legal concept I should know before my hearing?
  • Does age matter?
  • Can children under 18 receive Social Security benefits?
  • How are children under 18 evaluated for disability at a hearing?
  • What must my judge ask me at my Social Security hearing? What do I do after my hearing?
  • How will I know whether I won or lost my hearing?
  • Could I have a supplemental hearing?
  • What is the full Social Security benefits appeal process?
  • How will my attorney prepare for my Social Security hearing?
  • How do I get paid?
  • How does my attorney get paid?

About the Author:

Attorney Andrew Kinney began practicing Social Security benefits law in 1992.  He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and Marquette Law School.  Since 1995, he has presented seminars on Social Security to lawyers and related professionals.  He is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, New York, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  He is next scheduled to present a legal seminar on cross-examination skills at a national conference in Chicago in the fall of 2010.

If you would like to arrange for him to speak about Social Security Disability Benefits at your next group event, please feel free to call his offices at1-800-850-7867.

→ Click here for YouTube video of Andrew Kinney:  5 Secrets to Getting Social Security Disability Benefits  

If you are not a current Hoglund Law Offices client, make sure to get legal advice about your particular situation.  To call us about representing you with your Social Security benefits claim, call toll-free now at:  1-800-850-7867.

Remember, only a lawyer at a law firm can give you legal advice.  At Hoglund Law Offices, attorney fees are a quarter of back pay only if you win!

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