Domain #4 – Moving About and Manipulating Objects

If a child has a severe impairment(s) that does not meet or medically equal any listing, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will then look to see if the child functionally equals the listings. To functionally equal the listing, the child’s impairments must result in marked limitations in two domains, or extreme limitation in one domain.

The fourth domain used by SSA is called 4. Moving About and Manipulating Objects. In this domain, SSA will consider how well a child moves their body from one place to another and how they move and manipulate things. The SSA will look at both gross and fine motor skills.

Some areas of moving the body will include rolling, rising up from seated position, raising head and arms and legs. They will look at how the child transfers from one surface to another and how they move forward and backward when crawling, walking, and running.

With regards to moving and manipulating objects, SSA looks at how the child pushes, pulls, lifts, or carries objects. SSA will evaluate how the child controls their upper extremities in carrying objects. They will even consider eye hand coordination to manipulate small objects.

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