What if I get on disability and want to try go back to work?

Just because you receive Social Security Disability, does not mean that you can never go back to work.  In fact the Social Security Administration has different programs that encourage individuals that are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to get back into the work force.

While trying to get on disability a claimant can work part time and can continue to do so after getting on disability.  However, you have to be mindful of how much money you make.  In 2015, that most one can make is $1,090 a month before taxes.   This is call substantial gainful activity.  If you make more than this amount you are not eligible for disability.  However, if an SSDI recipient makes more than the SGA amount after getting on disability they enter what is called a trial work period.

A trial work period is given to every SSDI recipient.  This allows a person to make more than SGA for 9 months over the course of five years.  During this period of working, the recipient will continue to receive SSDI benefits.  Be aware, that this does not need to be work performed in 9 consecutive months.

After the trial is exhausted, then the individual enters what is called the Extended Period of Eligibility.  This lasts for 36 months and has a 3 month grace period.  During this time, if the earnings are over SGA then you do not receive your SSDI benefits.  If it is under SGA, then SSDI benefits will be paid.  The grace period will pay both for 3 months.

These are great benefits to help individuals get back to work and not worry about immediately losing their SSDI benefits.  It is important to understand that the trial work period and the extended period of eligibility is only for SSDI beneficiaries.  Supplemental Security Insurance beneficiaries do not receive a trial work period benefit.

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