Disability Claim Denied? Denied Social Security? Appeal!

Notice of Disapproved Claim for Social Security Benefits
If you apply for social security disability or SSI benefits, you may be staring at a letter that states, “Notice of Disapproved Claim” on top. What does this mean? It might be means that you are denied social security benefits. Is this usually the end? No, you should likely appeal this denial. The social security administration denies a lot of people for social security disability benefits that are later approved after appealing. Unfortunately, some people give up when they get denied. Don’t give up. If you have serious medical problems that will keep you out of work for at least one year, keep reading.
Should I appeal my social security benefits denial? For our clients, this is usually a given. At Hoglund law offices, we expect to fight through two denials to get to a social security disability hearing. Keep in mind this: Social Security outsources the first two decisions in social security claims. What does this mean? Technically, social security does not make the first two decisions. Social security hires state agencies to make the first two medical decisions about your ability to work. And the state agencies use their own state agency doctors that you will never meet. In our legal opinion, the disability standards are too high and the review is misleading at the application and reconsideration levels. We tell our social security disability clients every day that we are helping them appeal. And we do it. Daily.
What does a “Notice of Disapproved Claim” really mean? It means that you have a deadline to appeal or your case is closed. The instructions to appeal are in your denial letter. At Hoglund law offices, we help our clients appeal denials like yours. We make sure these denials are in on time. And we get receipts to prove it.
Can I hire Hoglund law offices to help me when I’m denied? Yes. We help people at different stages. It depends when the call in.
We know that in a perfect system, the right people would be approved for disability benefits when they should be. But this doesn’t always happen. In fact, social security hearings actually apply the law the right way. At social security hearings, our licensed attorneys are standing next to you making legal arguments, cross-examining experts, and making sure the judge understands the medical evidence in your favor. Our lawyers fight for approvals at social security hearings on almost every working day of the year.
So if you have gotten denied social security disability benefits, you’re not alone. You absolutely need to appeal to get approved. Expect to go to a social security hearing with your lawyer to have your best chance to get the benefits you deserve.
What if I missed my appeal deadline for Social Security benefits? There can be good cause. You must act quickly and document why you do not appeal on time. This sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t. Your Hoglund lawyer can give you a legal opinion about whether it is worth trying to appeal vs. refiling a new claim. Call us today, and we will let you know if we can help you. We charge nothing unless you are approved for social security benefits. Our fees are limited to ¼ your back payments. There are no other charges. Call now.

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