Disability Benefits for Disabled Adult Children

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“Hi, my name is Andrew Kinney, I’m an attorney practicing law at Hoglund Law offices, and I practice Social Security Disability law in particular. Today I wanted to talk about benefits for disabled adult children.
What that means is that these benefits are based on a parents work history. That means that the parents are either deceased or retired and the child has been proven disabled under social security law before age 22. Examples of this are; if somebody had a traumatic brain injury at age 21 and from that point forward were unable to work and were disabled. The medical question was a given and the timing of the accident was before age 22, in that example, if a parent was disabled then the child could also get disability benefits based on the retired parents earnings record.

So disabled adult children cases are important because the standards are different. When you look at a disabled adult child, were looking at whether currently disabled, but were also looking at when the disability began. So that’s crucial in a disabled adult child case.

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