Denny Hecker may have hidden assets

While the once large auto business network owner Denny Hecker serves out his 10-year sentence in the Duluth Federal Prison Camp, bankruptcy trustee Randy Seaver is on the search for hidden assets.  Randy Seaver, assigned trustee in handling the bankruptcy estate of Denny Hecker, believes that there are hidden assets and the persons may have been aiding and abetting Hecker while he in prison.  To begin his search, Seaver has asked for permission to question several people close to Hecker and his wife Christi Rowan-Hecker.

David Leibowitz, a bankruptcy expert from Chicago believes this is a bit of a fishing expedition on Seaver’s part, but contends, “Seaver obviously feels there’s a fish in the water here.”  Leibowitz goes on the mention that this activity is consistent with the aggressive manner in which Seaver has handled the case.  Seaver has sought to speak with Hecker’s second wife Sandra Hecker, Hecker’s former lawyer John Neve, as well as and Barbara Tourville, George Johnson, and Molly Jensen, all of whom have allegedly put money in Hecker’s prison accounts and have been assisting him in business and financial matters.

Rowan-Hecker, who married Denny via telephone back in March, recently was released from a federal prison in Illinois to a halfway house in Minneapolis where she will finish out her 14-month sentence for bankruptcy fraud.  This is a typical procedure for inmates nearing the end of their sentence to be transferred to a halfway house for the last one to six months of their sentence.  During this time at the halfway house, Rowan-Hecker will be assisted in finding a job and helping her return to society.



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