I Have Decided Not to Take My Medications. How Will This Affect my Case?

It is extremely important to recognize that you may be jeopardizing your claim for Social Security Disability benefits if you choose not to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. It is very common for benefits to be denied if medication non-compliance is noted throughout the medical records.

Many people, due to experiencing difficult side effects, may personally decide to discontinue taking certain medications. I would recommend that if you are experiencing difficult side effects, that you discuss this issue directly with your doctor. There may be a different dosage of medication that the doctor can prescribe that may help with unwanted side effects or alternative medications in general that could be prescribed. By discussing these concerns directly with your doctor, this information will be reflected in your medical records.

The most important objective evidence to prove your disability is your medical records. As long as there is documentation by your medical providers regarding switching medications or discontinuing certain medications, there is no concern. As always, communication with your medical providers is extremely important in proving your claim for Social Security Disability. If you have any questions regarding applying for Social Security Disability, please contact one of our experienced attorneys at Hoglund Law.

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