Date Last Insured (DLI)

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“Hi, my name is Andrew Kinney. I’m an attorney at Hoglund Law offices, and I practice Social Security Disability Law. Today I wanted to talk about DLI, or date last insured.

Sometimes, the clients that we help have good questions about what the date last insured is. It is extremely important to Social Security Disability cases. So first I’ll start with what is DLI or date last insured. When people work at a job for a number of years, they’re not only getting their paycheck, but they are also paying into social security disability insurance system; the federal disability insurance program. When someone stops working, they stop paying in to the system. So eventually when someone stops paying their premiums they aren’t insured anymore. That is the date when they’re last insured for disability insurance benefits.

So if we are to look at this as an analogy, if someone is paying car payments and they pay every month and they stop making car payments eventually they are not insured if they get in a car accident. Same idea here; If you work and stop working roughly after 5 years after you stop regular work (It can vary) when you stop working, you eventually are not covered and you have to prove you are unable to work on or before that date last insured.

So that’s what date last insured is. It comes from your earnings record and how many quarters of coverage you earn (up to four per year). It gets kind of technical but it’s automatically figured out for your social security claim. It’s very important for an attorney, and I’ll explain now how it applies to you. With a Social Security disability claim, one of the first things our attorneys look at is your date last insured.

Sometimes, it’s in the future and sometimes it’s not. If it’s in the future it’s not an issue, if it’s in the past it’s a horrific issue. Then we would look in your case to see if the condition was disabling under the law, on or before that date. Let’s say that someone stopped working before 2005 and their date last insured was December 31 of 2010 luckily 5 years later. Let’s say they get in a car accident January 1st of the following year. If someone is disabled by that car accident, you’re not insured because you weren’t disabled before your date last insured. So the basic idea is when you have a social security disability claim, the date last insured is very important.

So if you have questions about your case or specific questions specifically about your date last insured feel free to call our offices at 1-800-850-7867. You can also find information at our website that you can see below.

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