Criteria for expediting a Social Security Claim

What are the main areas or criteria that Social Security looks for to deem a claim as a dire need? Lack of ability to take care of basic needs, Personal or public safety, or terminal illness. Below we will touch base on each individually.

Let’s start with basic needs. These would be things like not being able to pay for food, shelter, or medical care. It is not necessary that you provide specific evidence that supports your claim of dire need. But if Social Security discovers inconsistencies with what you are claiming, they will probably ask you to provide further proof of said claim. That could be something like an eviction notice or foreclosure notice on your home to show lack of shelter. Evidence of loss of insurance, copies of medical bills or medical treatment estimates that you are in need of but, cannot afford. These can show why you have not treated for your ailments.

Next up is Personal or public safety. If the claimant is a danger to themselves or others (suicidal or homicidal) their claim may be expedited. Evidence of these ideations can come from their doctors, family and friends, or even possibly law enforcement.

Now let’s look at the area of terminal illness or as Social Security will note on the claim “Teri Case”. These are cases that are expected to result in the claimant’s death. These are ailments like Lou Gehrig’s disease, AIDS, or cancer just to name a few. Medical sources are the best way to show this.

As you can see there are quite a few areas that Social Security feels that a claim should be considered a priority and processed quicker than the normal timeframe of upwards of two plus years to get a final decision on a claim. The more evidence you provide on the front end, the better Social Security can assess the need for your claim to be processed ahead of others who are also waiting on their claim to be reviewed.

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