Ultimate Credit Cleanup

  • Government studies show that over 40 Million Americans have errors on their credit report.
  • Be the person who simply KNOWS that their credit report is the very best it can be – all the time.
  • Have access to the right deals on credit card and auto loans not rip-offs meant for someone else!
  • Wake up every morning with the relaxed confidence that you are on your way to an even more solid financial future.

Here is how The Machine works:

  • You tell the creditors and credit bureaus the credit reporting errors. They have to remove it or you get to sue them.
  • The Machine knows how to make a dispute and turn the dispute into an effective lawsuit.
  • The credit reporting disputes come from you and are in your words. This means that it is extra-dangerous for the credit bureaus to ignore them!
  • Dynamic Document Delivery (DDD) means that you do not have to digest a hundred page book and figure out what back page forms to use. With DDD, only the relevant sections, checklists, instructions, and letter templates are delivered to you directly to your email – based on what is happening to you in that moment.

What does it cost?

If you have done the research, you know that Credit Repair Organizations will charge you At Least $89 per month, with hundreds of more dollars in a down payment.

The Ultimate Credit Clean-Up Machine is Free

Take action – make the commitment to get back your money that is leaking away in credit reporting errors.

Clean Up Your Credit For Free!
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