Kyle Brown Bankruptcy Attorney


Bankruptcy Attorney

Kyle Brown

Kyle grew up in the oilfields of rural North Dakota, eventually moving to Minnesota to attend the University of Northwestern St. Paul where he received a B.S. in accounting and fell in love with the land of 10,000 lakes.

After earning his undergraduate degree, Kyle decided to pursue a career in law, drawn in by the complex, dynamic nature of the work. Kyle attended UND school of law with the original intent of focusing on energy and natural resource law, but by graduation, things had changed. During his time in law school and interning at the Yellowstone County District Court, Kyle determined he was much more interested in using his law degree to help improve the lives of individuals around him. After receiving his juris doctorate, Kyle returned to Minnesota to practice law.

Kyle joined Hoglund Law in February of 2020, and he is passionate about helping to foster financial stability, and a sense of security. He is especially dedicated to quelling “extreme frustration and the feeling of helplessness” for his clients.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys sports of all kinds (both playing, and watching), sketching, and spending time with his family.