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Jeffrey J Bursell

Jeffery J Bursell is a member of the bankruptcy department at Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC. Before joining the firm in 2001, Jeff participated in the consumer bankruptcy clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School. Accordingly, he brings a unique set of skills and experiences including an appreciation for and intimate understanding of the needs of our clients. Since 2001, Jeff has been assisting clients with a wide variety of chapter 7 and chapter 13 issues. He can quickly assess a situation, find the best solution to the problem and put his clients on the path to financial freedom.

Not only has he worked with individual clients to fix their individual problems, he has worked hard to make bankruptcy a better solution to all consumers who file bankruptcy. When the law changed in 2005, he spent months learning the nuances of the new law and finding the many ways his clients could take advantage of the new law. Also, he realized that the Minnesota homestead law needed to be updated for debtors to protect their homes. He sought out a solution and testified in front of the Minnesota State Senate advocating a change in the Minnesota homestead law. The change was enacted and, thus, helped to preserve homes for Minnesota residents. He works hard to help his clients develop practical solutions to the financial hardships they are facing and looks to change the law where needed to allow debtors protect their most important assets.

When Jeff is not at the office, he stays plenty busy. Weather permitting, he spends time outside. You may catch him chasing after his kids – almost a full-time job with three kids, including a set of twins. When he can, he relaxes on the golf course, his time working outside around the house, other outdoor activities, and finding any way to relax.

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