An Alternative Treatment for Arthritis

A procedure known as platelet rich plasma, or PRP injections, are being used to alleviate arthritis and other joint pain.  Avivia Gianetti is an active golfer who is in her late 50s.  However, soreness and pain running down her arms left her unable to play her favorite sport.  Not keen on the idea of surgery, her doctor suggested a new procedure known as PRP.  The procedure allows the patient to be relieved of pain without having to go under the knife.  In the procedure, the patient’s own plasma, a natural nutrient found in blood, is separated from the blood cells and injected into the damaged joints.  The PRP injection helps repair damaged cartilage and joints.

Notable athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Matt Forte have been using PRP to alleviate joint pain; however, baby boomers may want to take advantage of this alternative to surgery as well.  Due to the aging baby boomer population joint replacements are rapidly growing.  Knee replacement surgeries have doubled over the past decade.  Although many experts contend that PRP injections are not a proven substitute for surgery, they may be a good option for some.  Dr. Jazrawi states, “This is certainly, potentially one treatment option that may be utilized, but it’s not the magic bullet.”

Dr. Jazrawi uses the PRP injections most often in the treatment of chronic arthritis.  Patients are able to schedule a quick visit with Dr. Jazrawi to receive the injections.  And more often than not, one quick injection in Dr. Jazrawi’s office will allow a patient to get right back to their active lifestyle.  Dr. Jazrawi notes that PRP should not be the first-line of treatment.  Instead, he suggests that patients maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with dieting and exercise.  There is always a risk in applying new technology, and Dr. Jazrawi asserts that he does not want to apply this new technology in a haphazard manner.



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